Week 7 and 8

Happy Sunday! 💜💜💜 

This weekend, I had the greatest honor of starting my photo series. It’s called the Pigment Series. If you’re not familiar with this series, here’s a little description about it.


January 27th, 2017, I started a photo series in Charleston, SC called the Pigment Series (Pigments). The Pigment Series is a collection of mix media artwork that consists of semi nude photography and body painting. For over a year, I photographed over 50 people. Each portrait captured the true essence of a person and their existence. It promoted self-love, body positivity and individuality.

It also created an atmosphere for my artistic subjects to release their creative essence. When creating a safe space, love, appreciation and understanding should be the foundation of the structure.

This past February, I had the opportunity to talk about my project at Tedx Allendale. https://youtu.be/VSNFxwRD1BU

I’m going to need more volunteers and participants to help me reach my goal of 200. I will be posting dates for the month of October in my next blog post.


Cocoa Rae 💜

AIR Introduction: Cocoa Rae David

Hey everyone! My name is Cocoa Rae and I am the new long term AIR of 2019-2020. My first day of my residency was on Monday. I am a Rochester native but I lived in Charleston, SC for almost three years studying photography. I moved to Rochester back in December of 2017 after I finished my bachelor’s program.

My artwork consists of portraiture, fine arts and fashion photography. I love creating conceptual shoots and unique themes in my work. Most of my work consists of Afrocentric vibes, bold lighting techniques and vivid colors.

I also created a photo series while studying in Charleston. The photos series was called the Pigment Series (Pigments for short) which involved of 50 people in the Charleston area. This past February, I had the greatest opportunity to do a Ted Talk about my photo series.

The awesome Trio, Asiah, Samira and Sabrina from Ill Vibe participates in the photo Series called Pigments.


Jordan participates in the photo Series called Pigments.


To be honest I’m not really good with words, so I’ll just going to let my work do the talking.😅

Cocoa Rae 💜