The Painted Photograph Exhibit Ends Sat Feb 16; Photo Book Coming Soon!

Happy Monday everyone!

Believe it or not, this Saturday, Feb 16th, is the final day of The Painted Photograph exhibit! The time flew by so fast, and in just over a week, it will be time to say ‘goodbye’ to some of my babies as they will soon go to their new homes!

In case you haven’t had a chance to get over to the Center to see the show in person, the gallery is open every day this week, with the following hours:

  • Monday thru Wednesday, 10 am to 5 pm
  • Thursday, 10 am to 9:30 pm
  • Friday and Saturday, 12 pm to 5 pm

Please don’t forget to sign the guest book when you go!

Even though the show is ending, my residency continues til the end of this month. I hope to make a little more new work between now and then, use up the last of my supplies, and prepare a print for the upcoming Members Show.

And, I have some other exciting news: I put together a commemorative photo book using Blurb!

book cover
The Painted Photograph book cover

I wanted the book to represent the work as realistically as possible, so it will be large, size 12 inches x 12 inches, which allows for almost full-size reproductions of each image.

It will have a black-linen hard cover with a printed dust jacket featuring my water-colored ‘Squash Blossom’ image. And I went with online recommendations and selected the heavier-weight, premium pearl paper, which supposedly represents both black and white and color photographs best.

page sample2
Couple pages from the Winter Series section of the book

During my research to learn what makes an ‘interesting’ book of photographs, I found that for the most dramatic effect, each image should be alone on its page.  So, I ended up with a total of 34 pages, one for each of the 25 images in the exhibit, plus a couple for my Artist Statement, and an index of all the images with titles and details, including the locations where each photo was originally taken. There’s no text on the photo pages except for a number representing that image in the index.

page sample1
Couple pages from the Vegetation Series section of the book

My plan is to offer these for sale (all signed, of course!), though I’m not sure what the price will be yet. A ‘proof’ copy is expected to arrive after the show has ended, around Feb 25, which means additional copies will  be available some time in March.

If you are interested in having a copy for yourself, you can leave a comment here, email me at, or contact Megan Charland in the Photo Dept office at 585-271-5920. We’ll be in touch as soon as we settle on the price and availability.

Til that comes in, I hope to be around the Photo Dept a lot this week, and will be in the gallery all day on Saturday meeting and greeting visitors. Then on Monday, Feb 18, we will take the show down.

Hope you all have a great week, and that if you stop over on Saturday we get a chance to chat!


The Painted Photograph Exhibit: Almost Ready!

Happy Monday everyone!

Jen Perena here with good news: my photos have been hung!

Thanks to Megan and Adele for all their efforts to sequence and space and hang the work (I helped for a few hours….but it was really all on them)!

work waiting to be hung
My work, patiently sitting in Digital Studio 1, waiting to be hung – note the ’empty’ frames in the middle….

We started putting the show up on Wed, Jan 2, amid the building construction (knocking down walls in the Pottery and Book Arts area) and the re-organization of the Silver Den. It was pretty hectic, and we decided we could probably only tackle the brick walls.

adele sequencing
Adele, our master show installer, sequencing the work for the brick walls

Adele and Megan kicked things off with sequencing the first 12 images in the ‘vegetation’ series, which were all completely matted and framed and ready to go up. Megan thought that these particular images would look best on the brick walls, where the warm tones in the brick could bring out some of the subtle color in the images.

It was surprisingly hard to settle on the sequence because we all felt that so many of the images worked well side by side, but after about an hour of moving images back and forth to see how they looked next to each other, we finally started hanging.  Megan showed us how the hanging system worked, Mark helped us get the ladder, and with a few fits and starts trying to do math and figure out the optimal spacing, we got everything up!

We left room for my Artist/Show Statement, which will also go on the brick wall (a different spot than we’ve used in past exhibits), along with a ‘bonus’ 25th image which is matted differently to specifically show the brush strokes and highlight the ‘painted’ nature of the work.

work on the brick wall
Some of the ‘vegetation’ series on the brick walls

After we finished hanging Wednesday afternoon, I took a dinner break, and then went back to the Center to finally finish matting the remaining 7 pieces I had left off with the previous weekend. I had attempted to do them earlier in the day Wed, but it was too dusty with all the activity and I gave up.  I ‘finished’ around 10:30 pm, but still wasn’t done as I decided I didn’t like how the “25th” image looked unmatted….so more tweeking would have to happen.

Even without that one done, on Friday, Jan 4, Adele proceeded with hanging the next 12 images, my ‘winter’ series, which she reported was easier to sequence. The work is displayed in groups of 4 on the white walls, and the plan is to put the vinyl show signage on the far wall, below the lights and above the 4 portrait-oriented frames.

work on white walls
‘Winter’ series work on 2 of the 3 the white walls

Then on Saturday, Jan 5, I fixed the ‘mounting’ for the ‘bonus’ image, and while I was at it I reviewed a few of the frames in the winter series where the prints had appeared to have slipped under the mats – upon review it was just shadows caused by the lighting, and the fact that the watercolor paper doesn’t sit totally flush under the mats. We tried fixing this with frame springs and extra backer board to no avail. At this point it is what it is!

Finishing touches are still to be done: affixing the labels and vinyl signage, touching up the glass (removing finger prints!) and frames, putting putty on the corners of the frames, and printing and posting the show statement. But it will all get done this week, and we will be ready for the ‘vernissage’ (new word learned from a European friend who asked me about the opening reception…)!

I hope you can join us – this upcoming Saturday, January 12, from 2 to 5 pm. We’ll be in the Sunken Room Gallery on the 2nd floor. Free parking is available on the street and in the lot of the Blessed Sacrament Church across the street. The building is also ADA accessible and we have a lift for anyone who needs it. There will be snacks and beverages too! See you then!