Tarot Through The Seasons

Greetings and Salutations!

Have you ever stepped into something that you didn’t quite feel ready for, only to find yourself thriving in unexpected ways?

That’s exactly how my Tarot Through the Seasons classes at the Center has been for me.

We started in January with the Death Archetype discussing functions of endings, transitions, and beginnings. Being steeped as a community in the dead of winter, attendants were ripe for a conversation regarding what was dying and shedding in their own lives. During the discussion, I emphasized the importance of building a relationship with death and endings as well as the time of grief and uncertainty that follows. We are a culture deprived of a healthy relationship to death and grief. People are always apologizing for tears or a show of emotion not realizing that both are essential and healthy components of psycho-spiritual healing and integration.

Artist, Megan Charland, mixed media on card stock, 8 in x 8in

The High Priestess Archetype followed closely after Death and here was gathered a very powerful group of women. When asked why they were drawn to the class, each attendant responded in their own way by expressing awareness and a desire for something more than their current spiritual model. They were aware of a latent interest or power within which was connected to an external power that they wanted to get closer to. Lucky for them the High Priestess, who holds domain over the realms of intuition, mystery, dreams, and vision, is a good ally to build a relationship with when starting to reconnected to traditionally feminine and earth-based ways of knowing and being in the world. I spent all of 2018 in deep connection with her and she continues to inform the direction of my life in terms of Archetypal influence.

Artist, Class Participant, mixed media on card stock, 8 in x 8in

In February, the month of Love, we delved into The Lovers card. We discussed the importance of the sacred marriage within; the balancing of the masculine and feminine principles within each of us. It was important to me to create a non-traditional, community, and self-focused class. One which provided a sense of empowerment to love oneself rather than look for fulfillment in the other. Indeed, we need one another and as a culture, we are touch deprived and sexually disconnected. However, it is also necessary to learn how to give to ourselves, how to receive, and most importantly, what we want and need and how to communicate those things in competent ways in our relationships.

Artist, Class Participant mixed media on card stock, 8 in x 8in

Each class begins with a tea meditation and a brief correlation between the mind and the body through the elements and the practice of tea sharing. We quickly move into lecture and discussion, concluding this initial portion of the class with a deep, custom made visualization exercise to calm the mind and stir up the subconscious before exploring our collage making. While each participant delves into their collage making to some sweet tunes, I pull one person aside at a time and do a mini (4 card) reading with them. These readings have been so juicy and rich-the place I feel I am growing the most and offering the best of myself. With the cards at our aid, participants have been opening up to deeper queries of purpose, direction, and growth while receiving valuable insight and structuring tools from me and the cards. It’s really very profound.

If you’re interested in experiencing the class for yourself, you’ll have one more chance on March 17th to join us for The Star. This is an archetype whose focus is renewal, regeneration, balance and new beginnings, just in time for Spring!

I’m also delighted to announce I’ll be teaching a similar set of classes in the Spring focused on the elements earth, air, fire, and water. We’ll go deep with the intelligence and alchemical properties of each element and create collages to honor them. Check out the new Spring Schedule for dates and times!

Intern Introduction: DesRee Taylor

Hello all! I am an intern here in the Photography & Digital Arts department for the summer. I am a student at SUNY Brockport and I’ll be starting my junior year in the fall. I am a double major in art, with a concentration in photography, and anthropology; I also have a minor in museum studies and public history. In my personal work I am very inspired by the supernatural and witchcraft. I’m a dedicated student, but I also have two jobs and a few hobbies like reading tarot cards, watching the bachelor and growing plants.

As for what I’ll be up to here and my goals as an intern, there are quite a few things I’m looking forward to. Some of the projects I am working on include being present here on the blog, taking photos to help update the website, helping with event publicity, archiving and organizing files, and odd projects around the building. As an intern there are many things I look forward to learning, of course experience is important, but a museum studies student, there are many things that I can learn by being here that I could not else where. Arts centers are great and they play unique roles in their communities.

I’ve had a great time being here so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store!